07 December 2013

Arabic notifications on Sony SmartWatch 2

I just got my Sony SmartWatch 2. Everything is fine except it does not display notifications from some languages, for example, Arabic, Thai. The notifications in these languages will display just "???????" which doesn't make sense. There is a question posted in Sony Mobile Support forum about this problem.
A support staff answered as below:

Arabic language does not appear in the smartwatch 2

It's a sad answer!

Anyway, that answer is not true. The problem comes from the Sony's API itself. I've found an App that  does not use Sony's API for notifications and this App can display all languages that has problem with Sony SmartWatch 2. The App is "Augmented Smartwatch Pro" (http://augmentedtraffic.wordpress.com/ you can get it from Play Store)

Below is a sample to show that SmartWatch 2 can display Arabic via Augmented SmartWatch Pro. I don't know Arabic so I made the sample text from google translate (please forgive me if the text is not correct).
I sent "لم أجد هذا الكتاب القديم" to facebook messenger to my SmartWatch 2. I didn't test notifications from other apps but I think it should be no problem.

Arabic Sony SmartWatch 2
Arabic notification on Sony SmartWatch 2
When you swipe from right to left, the display will change to 'Prior Notifications' and you can select to see pass notifications
Arabic Notification on Sony SmartWatch 2 with Augmented SmartWatch Pro
Arabic Notification on Sony SmartWatch 2 with Augmented SmartWatch Pro
To go back to normal notifications, swipe from right to left again.
If you have any questions about Augmented SmartWatch Pro, please ask the developer http://augmentedtraffic.wordpress.com .

I hope this blog post will help you find more ways to be happy with your Sony SmartWatch 2.


s.ata.a Aghvami said...

I am an Iranian user of the SONY SW2.
Thanks for your help. But I could not solve my problem by Augmented SmartWatch Pro software about display problem in Persian language (Arabic) on SW2.
Could you please email me the solution step by step?
My main problem is in the software settings
Thanks - ATA

Amin Kazemi said...

My SMS for SmartWatch 2