31 December 2013

Panerai PAM 532 Limited Edition "Paneristi Forever" Photo review

Panerai PAM 532 is the third model that Panerai made for a PAM community, Paneristi.com. The first one was PAM 195 and then PAM 360. All of them are BLACK. The watch case made of DLC coated stainless steel.

Today, I just got my PAM 532. Some quick photos go below:
Panerai PAM 532 Limited Edition
PAM 532 "Paneristi Forever"
Panerai PAM 532 "Paneristi Forever"
Panerai PAM 532 "Paneristi Forever"
This case style has a name - 1940 case - as it was firstly used in 1940. The vintage panerai , 6154 , has this case style. It's very cool!.

One thing that the owner should know, PAM 532 uses springbars (not screws) for attaching strap to the watch. I use spingbar tool to remove the strap. It's an easy task to do.
Panerai PAM 532 "Paneristi Forever" springbar
Panerai PAM 532 "Paneristi Forever" with Springbars
This watch is a limited edition of 500 pieces.

07 December 2013

Arabic notifications on Sony SmartWatch 2

I just got my Sony SmartWatch 2. Everything is fine except it does not display notifications from some languages, for example, Arabic, Thai. The notifications in these languages will display just "???????" which doesn't make sense. There is a question posted in Sony Mobile Support forum about this problem.
A support staff answered as below:

Arabic language does not appear in the smartwatch 2

It's a sad answer!

Anyway, that answer is not true. The problem comes from the Sony's API itself. I've found an App that  does not use Sony's API for notifications and this App can display all languages that has problem with Sony SmartWatch 2. The App is "Augmented Smartwatch Pro" (http://augmentedtraffic.wordpress.com/ you can get it from Play Store)

Below is a sample to show that SmartWatch 2 can display Arabic via Augmented SmartWatch Pro. I don't know Arabic so I made the sample text from google translate (please forgive me if the text is not correct).
I sent "لم أجد هذا الكتاب القديم" to facebook messenger to my SmartWatch 2. I didn't test notifications from other apps but I think it should be no problem.

Arabic Sony SmartWatch 2
Arabic notification on Sony SmartWatch 2
When you swipe from right to left, the display will change to 'Prior Notifications' and you can select to see pass notifications
Arabic Notification on Sony SmartWatch 2 with Augmented SmartWatch Pro
Arabic Notification on Sony SmartWatch 2 with Augmented SmartWatch Pro
To go back to normal notifications, swipe from right to left again.
If you have any questions about Augmented SmartWatch Pro, please ask the developer http://augmentedtraffic.wordpress.com .

I hope this blog post will help you find more ways to be happy with your Sony SmartWatch 2.

25 February 2011

Seiko Snow Monster : Thailand Limited Edition

Seiko has been successfully release many Monster limited editions for Thailand market. The variations between each edition are mainly dial color and number of productions. The prices for these limited watches were originally around THB 20,000 (~USD 650) but when they hit the secondary market the price went up much higher. For example the Yellow Monster's price is now about THB 70,000 (~USD 2300) as the production number is very low at 300 pieces.

Seiko Snow Monster is the latest monster limited  edition which is the 8th model of this limited series. The number of productions is 2555 pieces. There is a rumor that the watches were sold out in lees than half an hour!!. As they are now with watch collectors and grey dealers, so it's not possible to buy this seiko snow monster in original price (THB 19,600). But I know a website that is offering this limited watch via auction. The start price is at THB 1 with no reserve. The auction will start on the 1st Mar 2011 at 22:00 Bangkok Local time and end at 22:00 on the 2nd Mar 2011. Please take this opportunity to get a collectible watch in a reasonable price. Check out Seiko Snow Monster Limited Edition Auction for the detail.

27 November 2010

How to remove metal bracelet (video in Thai)

Q. What is the tool for removing metal bracelet from the watch?
A. A spring bar tool can do the job.
The spring bar tool can be purchased from WatchKzy.com

A demonstration on how to use the bracelet removing tool is shown below.

17 October 2010

Lume Shots

It's known that the Luminova dials on Officine Panerai watches illuminate like fluorescent lamps. I can say that the Luminova on Panerai is second to none. Let's see what they look like

PAM 232
PAM 249
PAM 127