08 October 2010

Wotancraft Panerai Strap : An impression

Wotancraft produces many nice straps for Panerai. Most of their straps are made to generate vintage/old looks on your Panerai. The one I have ordered is the limited edition of 20 straps. Its name is "The X.M.A.S Originale", price: USD 289. I intend to use it with my PAM 127. It took about 2 weeks for delivery.

The package was sent to me via EMS

Inside the package
There is a box inside the package. It's strap box.

When the box is opened, you will see a small leather pouch and a card .

When the pouch is opened, you will see the strap and a submarine key holder (actually I bought this strap because of this key holder hehe :P )
The strap and the key holder are secured in plastic seal. This is the best strap package for my experience.
The strap is highest quality. The leather and color are just what I was expecting. The stitching is the professional work. There are many vintage look straps but I think Wotancraft's strap is second to none. I can use the pouch to carry a watch as well but need to wrap the watch with soft cloth before put it in the pouch.

Mine is number 7/20. Yes, there are only 20 straps in the world.. nice !

On my PAM 127

I just love this strap!


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