23 June 2010

PAM 249 and Dievas Photo comparison

This type of dial is called California Dial. This is because the dial maker is located in California. There are many watches that have California Dial but the most famous one is OFFICINE PANERAI PAM 249 and PAM 262 (Platinum case and very expensive). However the PAM 249 is not cheap, its price is around USD 12K-15K depending on the condition (as of the 23 June 2010) . There is a cheaper watch which looks similar to PAM 249. It's Dievas Kampfschwimmer (Kampfschwimmer: Combat Swimmer ) which is much cheaper.

Below photos are the comparison shots of PAM 249 and the Dievas Kampfschwimmer (Click on the photo to see bigger image)

Dial: PAM 249 is on the left , Dievas is on the right. They are limilar
California Dial Panerai, Dievas
Case side: PAM 249 is on the left, Dievas is a little bit thicker
Dievas California VS PAM 249
Case side: PAM 249 is on top

Another side of the case: PAM 249 is on the left, Dievas is on the right
PAM 249, Dievas California
Movement: PAM 249 is on the left, Dievas is on the right. The are both UNITAS 6497 but Panerai has modified by adding power reserve to 56-hour and Swan Neck regulator.
PAM 249 Movement, Dievas Unitas 6497

As you can see, they are both very similar. You can choose which one as you like.

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